Dov Cohen, MSW


Dov Cohen, MSW
Clinical Social Worker in ResidenceDov Cohen, MSW

Dov Cohen received his masters in social work from the University of Maryland specializing in clinical practice with children and adolescents. Involved in the mental health field since 2011 when he began co-leading therapy groups for children and teens, Dov continues to promote age-appropriate growth and change in his clients at CFCG.

In his role as a social worker at the LAB School of Washington, Dov specialized in helping kids with special needs develop critical coping skills and pro-social behaviors while also implementing individual behavior plans to help them succeed. Dov has a passion for working with children and teens in individual and group therapy to address emotional, social and behavioral challenges that arise from such conditions as ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and Depression.

Working towards his clinical licensure, Dov is in supervision with Libby Robbins, Phd, LCSW.

To contact Dov: (703) 352-3822, ext. 1022 | Email: [email protected]