Lisa Horowitz, Ph.D

Lisa Horowitz, Ph.D.

Lisa Horowitz, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Neuropsychologist

Dr. Lisa Horowitz received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Catholic University of America with a specialization in Child and Family Therapy. She has conducted research and published in the area of child sexual abuse. Dr. Horowitz also holds a postdoctoral certificate in Neuropsychology from Fielding Graduate University. Dr. Horowitz obtained her law degree from the University of Michigan and practiced family law with a focus on Child Abuse and Neglect, Adoption and Special Education Law. Dr. Horowitz is licensed in Virginia, Maryland and New York.  Dr. Lisa Horowitz has 20 years of experience practicing Psychotherapy and conducting Psychological Evaluations of children, adolescents, and adults. She has worked in a range of clinical settings including a Special Educations School, Nonprofit Agency, and Private Practice.

Dr. Horowitz is accepting testing referrals. Appropriate testing referrals include children age five and older through adulthood with difficulties in Learning, Social Relationships, Attention, Organization, Planning and Memory as well as Mood and Emotional Problems and Behavioral Disturbances. Testing and planning for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders is a particular area of interest. Dr. Horowitz has testified as an expert in legal proceedings and has participated in school special education hearings. Dr. Horowitz believes that in addition to identifying and diagnosing issues through testing, a Psychological Evaluation must provide specific and practical recommendations and assess the adequacy of interventions following testing. Although Dr. Horowitz is accepting new testing referrals, she is not accepting Psychotherapy patients.

She is available Tuesday & Wednesday

To contact Dr. Horowitz (703) 352-3822 Ext. 1014 | Email: [email protected]