Neuropsychological Tests In Fairfax, VA

Neuropsychology is a field of psychology that looks at the brain and behavior and how they are interconnected. Through evaluations and certain assessments, we can look at how a patient’s brain functions to detect certain cognitive impairments or disorders that could impact mental health as well as behaviors. Here at The Child & Family Counseling Group, our team of licensed psychiatrists and psychologists provide a wide range of neuropsychological testing to children, teens, and adults living in and around Fairfax, VA.

Why are neuropsychological tests performed?

When certain cognitive or behavioral issues give us pause, it’s best to perform neuropsychological tests to detect certain conditions. Your doctor or your child’s pediatrician may have referred you to us, or perhaps you’re noticing certain behaviors or issues in a loved one that has you concerned. Whatever the case might be, our team may recommend neuropsychological testing to:

  • Detect mental and behavioral changes to support a specific diagnosis
  • Pinpoint changes that could be signs of a neurological disorder, movement disorder, brain disorder, or mental health problem
  • Receive a baseline assessment so that we can perform further testing in the future from which to compare results (this can help us determine if your current course of treatment is effective)
  • Determine certain aspects of a patient’s life and daily functioning that may require assistance

What does a neuropsychological evaluation involve?

When you come into our practice for a neuropsychological evaluation, the appointment will consist of an interview followed by a battery of tests. Some tests may be self-report, but typically they are administered by one of our highly trained neuropsychologists. After testing, we will score each of the tests so that our team can better interpret these scores and what they might mean with regards to your brain’s cognitive function and performance. These tests help us better understand how your brain functions.

How long does neuropsychological testing take?

The process typically takes several hours, depending on the issues the patient is dealing with and the number of evaluations we need to perform. We also need to take into account additional time if the issues experienced are fatigue or the patient has special needs. During your consultation, we will talk you through the neuropsychological testing process and provide you with a more accurate time frame.

If you have questions about neuropsychological testing, or if you need to schedule neuropsychological testing for yourself or your child, call The Child & Family Counseling Group in Fairfax, VA, at (703) 352-3822.